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Product Review: How to Share Your Faith – The Plan of Salvation

The “How to Share Your Faith – The Plan of Salvation” pamphlet provides a roadmap through the Plan of Salvation. It examines the elementary components within the Plan of Salvation and clarifies the roles of the Godhead and Ambassadors for Christ. I believe this helps novice evangelist obtain a healthier outlook when sharing the Gospel. The Good News is properly defined, supporting Scriptures are provided, and diagrams illustrate biblical principles brilliantly.

There is emphasis on spreading the Good News while being mindful to present the message without judgment or condemnation. It also does not suggest fear or emotional tactics such as the “fire and brimstone” methods. It explains that Ambassadors for Christ will only be effective when spread the Gospel through God’s love. This is key because there are many people who seek to spread the Gospel but it is going on death’s ears because of how they are presenting the message.

Overviews of the fall of man, Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection, and God’s ability to make all things new delivers simplified message to share with others. It promotes the use of spiritual disciplines for continuous spiritual growth so that we may be used as Instruments of God and God’s Promises.

This is a good introductory pamphlet on “how to share your faith effectively.” It would definitely be beneficial to people who have a passion to evangelize and witness yet lack experience and understanding. I believe it would be a great point of reference and quite beneficial by utilizing simplified explanations of the biblical principles.

Product Review: Understanding The Book Of Revelation PowerPoint

The Book of Revelation is one of the most controversial books in the Bible. This book is one of the primary causes of major divisions between denominations. Despite the promise of being blessed as stated in Revelation 1:3, it is often misunderstood and causing many Christians to avoid reading it. Rose Publishing has produced a PowerPoint that explains the four viewpoints: Historicist, Preterist, Futurist, and Idealist. Additionally, it synopsizes the messages of the seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets, seven symbolic histories, seven bowls, seven messages of judgement, and seven vision. I would recommend it to any theologians who teaches about prophecy especially when addressing the future of the Universal Church.

For personal study, the PowerPoint could be used as “cliffs notes” to obtain insight into the different viewpoints, events, and imagery expressed the writer of the Book of Revelation, John. However, if new to studying God’s word I would recommend that attending a biblical study class on prophesy or on the Book of Revelation. The “Understanding The Book of Revelation PowerPoint” provides discussion questions with answer keys included to review highlights of the study. The “discussion questions” reiterate the fundamentals of what the PowerPoint has offered. Overall, the PowerPoint provides an objective training and does not support one viewpoint over the other. As a course, it could be used by any denomination that utilizes the Holy Bible.