Product Review: Following Jesus

Rose Publishing has issued a pamphlet entitled, “Following Jesus.” This pamphlet is a welcome basket to the New Believer. It covers the fundamentals of Christian Conduct after accepting the Gift of Salvation. The pamphlet contains 11 pages of actual content briefly covering topics regarding Spiritual Gifts/Disciplines, Christian Living, and the Reliability of the Christian Faith.

This pamphlet reminds the New Believe to strive for “progress and not perfection” because becoming a true disciple does not occur immediately. Forgiveness, repentance, and the assurance of Salvation with scriptural references are briefly addressed to help reassure New Believers can be forgiven when they sin after repenting from a sincere heart. The four “P”s (Praise, Provide, Pardon, and Protect) structure as it relates to The Lord’s Prayer to aid New Believers to stay connected to God.

Additionally, suggestive scriptural readings are prescribed with a recommended criteria to follow while reading these scriptures to obtain the most out of a biblical study. The importance of fellowship, tithing, and evangelism are emphasized. It also addresses the concerns that most New Believer have regarding the authority/reliability of the Bible, evidence of the Resurrection, and answering the question if Jesus is the only way for salvation.

I believe this pamphlet would work well in New Membership Classes or as a tool to utilize when evangelizing. I believe the pamphlet could explore certain topics deeper for clarity. Overall, I would recommend this to teachers or spiritual leaders who interact with those who seek to learn more about following Jesus.

Product Review: Romans

Rose Publishing has produced a PowerPoint presentation on the Book of Romans. The PowerPoint contains a menu for ease of navigating the different topics. It provides historical information including classifying the challenges within the culture and environment during that era. The background of Apostle Paul, the writer of the epistle, is explored including his conversion to Christianity. Additionally, there are maps to trace the Apostle Paul’s journeys as he traveled to preach the Gospel. Furthermore, this presentation includes discussion questions, worksheets, and handouts.

The Apostle Paul had a three-fold purpose for writing this epistle: missionary, pastoral, and atonement. Throughout the Book of Romans, Paul wrote the epistle using colloquialisms that the audience in Rome would be familiar with such as slavery. Subsequently, the themes of this epistle addressed redemption/ransom, atonement, and justification using slavery colloquialisms would be ideal since many of the citizens were enslaved. Paul endeavored to promote the message that salvations was available to both the Jews and Gentiles (non-Jews). It also explores God’s righteousness, God’s right to judge and save, along with the power of the Gospel.

I thoroughly enjoyed this PowerPoint presentation. It is the perfect teaching tool for leaders to use in Bible Study or Sunday School. It covers the Book of Romans very well and highlights themes in a functional and fundamental manner. I would definitely recommend this to spiritual leaders or lay persons interested in studying the Book of Romans.