Product Review: Finding Hope in Jesus – Comfort for Loss

In life, we all experience levels of successes and failures, gains and losses. It is easy to bask in the afterglow of our successes and celebrate triumphantly.  However, failures and losses are challenging to endure.  “Finding Hope in Jesus – Comfort for the Loss” is a Rose Publishing publication that addresses the heart of loss from a biblical perspective. 

This pamphlet addresses the five stages of grief, myths about grief, and finding the meaning in loss.  Psalm 34:19 (KJV) states, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.”  Christians are not exempt from loss.  In fact, Psalm 34:19 indicates that we are subject to several of them.  However, we have the comfort in knowing that God will deliver us out of them all. 

We experience loss in various ways from the tangible to the intangible.  Regardless of the type of loss, the stages of grief are the same.  In the Bible, there is a numerous accounts of loss experienced by people of God.  When we examine the Scriptures, we can identify with the feelings of hopelessness and stages of grief through their responses.  In the pamphlet, the lives of David, Job, Jeremiah, and Jesus are used to illustrate their times of loss. 

We have a tendency to question God and His sovereignty during our times of grief.  Why? Why do we have to experience the hardship?  Why did my love one have to die? Why God did you allow this to happen?  The reasons for our adversity may vary; however, there is comfort in the Scriptures that remind us that we do not fight for victory but from victory.  

I would encourage all to add this pamphlet to your collection.  During our times of loss, this pamphlet would be an encouragement.  It can be used as an aid to help encourage someone else who is experience different stages of grief.  It would definitely a valuable tool for a Bible Study, Small Group, or Sunday School lesson.

Product Review: Major Prophets

Are the Old Testament writings of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel still relevant for us today? Rose Publishing has recently released a pamphlet entitled, “Major Prophets” that identifies the importance of these Old Testament writers. These Major Prophets’ writings are significant because of their anticipation of the Messiah, faith in God, their pleas for God’s people to repent. Furthermore, we are given insight to how God responds to His people through their words and actions.

This pamphlet explains the difference between Major and Minor Prophets and identifies that date of ministries, location, audience, and historical content. Another important feature that this pamphlet provides is a list of prophesies and fulfillment of Christ with associate scriptural references. Historical perspectives for each Major Prophet is also provided for us to understand the challenges that these writers faced during tumultuous times.

As a bonus, Rose Publishing offers guidelines for deeper understanding of the books written by these Major Prophets. This pamphlet is a great reference when studying the books of the Major Prophets. My personal recommendation for the use of the pamphlet is as a quick reference guide. This would be great in small Bible Study groups or Adult Sunday School classes. It is a nice layout and easy to follow. I definitely would recommend this pamphlet to leaders or theologians.