Product Review: Why Wait?

Adolescent years can be so confusing. Teenagers are often exposed to so much information. Changes in their body structure and functionality. They are inundated with different and often conflicting ideologies along with peer pressure. It is a critical time in their lives. They are not toddlers but not adults either. While attending educational institutions up them develop the knowledge to be productive on the workforce, it is important that parents or guardians help maintain the moral compass for their teens.

“Why Wait?” is a pamphlet published by Rose Publishing to aid parents in having a healthy discussion about sex and abstinence. While the pamphlet is only ten pages in length of actual content, it provides biblical reasons, medical facts, emotional effects, and exams the matter of safe sex. Additionally, a checklist is provided for suggestion on how to remain abstinent. There is a Quick Medical facts chart that identifies the top 7 STDs and how they are transmitted. It also addresses how to obtain a fresh start if one has giving their virginity away.

After reviewing the pamphlet, I believe this would be great for any parent or guardian looking for a way to discuss sex with their teen. Or it could be utilize as a small group discussion with leader to answer any additional questions or concerns.

Product Review: Following Jesus

Rose Publishing has issued a pamphlet entitled, “Following Jesus.” This pamphlet is a welcome basket to the New Believer. It covers the fundamentals of Christian Conduct after accepting the Gift of Salvation. The pamphlet contains 11 pages of actual content briefly covering topics regarding Spiritual Gifts/Disciplines, Christian Living, and the Reliability of the Christian Faith.

This pamphlet reminds the New Believe to strive for “progress and not perfection” because becoming a true disciple does not occur immediately. Forgiveness, repentance, and the assurance of Salvation with scriptural references are briefly addressed to help reassure New Believers can be forgiven when they sin after repenting from a sincere heart. The four “P”s (Praise, Provide, Pardon, and Protect) structure as it relates to The Lord’s Prayer to aid New Believers to stay connected to God.

Additionally, suggestive scriptural readings are prescribed with a recommended criteria to follow while reading these scriptures to obtain the most out of a biblical study. The importance of fellowship, tithing, and evangelism are emphasized. It also addresses the concerns that most New Believer have regarding the authority/reliability of the Bible, evidence of the Resurrection, and answering the question if Jesus is the only way for salvation.

I believe this pamphlet would work well in New Membership Classes or as a tool to utilize when evangelizing. I believe the pamphlet could explore certain topics deeper for clarity. Overall, I would recommend this to teachers or spiritual leaders who interact with those who seek to learn more about following Jesus.

Product Review: Pursuing Jesus

The “Pursuing Jesus” pamphlet is very similar to the “Following Jesus” pamphlet. “Pursing Jesus” is a revised, more contemporary version of “Following Jesus” geared towards appealing to the youth. The layout, format, and overall design is edgier and more colorful. The length is the same. While still scripturally based, there are less scriptures while maintaining scriptural references and has more of a questions and answers layout.

While I do appreciate that this has been designed with teens in mind, the graphic design and fonts used would not give you the impression of Christian pamphlet at first glance, but something that you would see to advertisement a secular Halloween flyer. The font used for headers appear as scratches in blood red color. The cover display a female face that is pale with wide horizontal stripe of red across the eyes and a wide vertical stripe that comes down the middle.

The same questions used in “Following Jesus” are used and sometimes re-worded in “Pursing Jesus.” As in the previous pamphlet, there are suggested scriptural references provided for memorization. As I have been seeking content for my Teen Sunday School class, I wanted to review both products. Initially, I believed “Pursing Jesus” was a continuous of “Following Jesus.” This is not the case they are virtually the same product. Overall, I prefer “Following Jesus” over the “Pursing Jesus” pamphlet because I like the layout, format, and overall design better for teaching. Both products are good for introducing New Believers to Christ. I would recommend it be used in small group settings to facilitate discussions about what it means to be a Christian.

Product Review: Christian Origins of Halloween

Should Christians celebrate Halloween or allow their children to participate in the tradition of trick or treat? Does Halloween originate from pagan practices? Rose Publishing’s publication of “Christian Origins of Halloween” will dispel the myths and introduce scriptural references that reveal the Christian origins of this holiday. Within this pamphlet, you will learn the original meaning and intent for the celebration of Halloween. The difference between Halloween and All Saint’s Day, the History of Samhain and its impact on Halloween, and how the misunderstanding of the afterlife became associated with Halloween are explored.

The pamphlet is thorough in explaining and dispelling the myths about Halloween. Within the explanations, scriptural references are provided along with the components from pagan traditions that were erroneously associated with Halloween are exposed. There are recommendations for Christians to celebrate Halloween that will exemplify their love for Christ while still participating in pumpkin carving, giving out treats, and Halloween parties.

Website resource is recommended as an additional resources to identify other activities to allow God’s light to shine through you combating the darkness that is usually associated with Halloween. This is an awesome resource for Churches as a handout or Christian parents to educate their children about the truth about this holiday. Additionally, it could be used in Sunday School classes to teach children the proper way to celebrate Halloween.

Product Review: Major Prophets

Are the Old Testament writings of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel still relevant for us today? Rose Publishing has recently released a pamphlet entitled, “Major Prophets” that identifies the importance of these Old Testament writers. These Major Prophets’ writings are significant because of their anticipation of the Messiah, faith in God, their pleas for God’s people to repent. Furthermore, we are given insight to how God responds to His people through their words and actions.

This pamphlet explains the difference between Major and Minor Prophets and identifies that date of ministries, location, audience, and historical content. Another important feature that this pamphlet provides is a list of prophesies and fulfillment of Christ with associate scriptural references. Historical perspectives for each Major Prophet is also provided for us to understand the challenges that these writers faced during tumultuous times.

As a bonus, Rose Publishing offers guidelines for deeper understanding of the books written by these Major Prophets. This pamphlet is a great reference when studying the books of the Major Prophets. My personal recommendation for the use of the pamphlet is as a quick reference guide. This would be great in small Bible Study groups or Adult Sunday School classes. It is a nice layout and easy to follow. I definitely would recommend this pamphlet to leaders or theologians.

Product Review: The Christmas Story

Recently, I was asked by my pastor to be a Sunday School Teacher for our teens. I begin to search for content that will bring Scriptures to life for our teens. Although the teens have participated in our Christmas pageants, my goal is to develop a deeper understanding and relationship with God. Celebrating and understanding our Savior’s birth, builds upon the teens understanding the significance of His death and resurrection.

Rose Publishing has published a pamphlet entitled, “The Christmas Story.” This publication covers the Advent Season including the Advent of Hope, Advent of Peace, Advent of Joy, and Advent of Love. The pamphlet provides a recount of the anticipated Savior and the need for His arrival. It provides an overview of the celebratory and suggested sacred practices of the season including scriptural references and songs. Old and New Testaments Scriptures are emphasized to highlight the promise and fulfillment of prophesy.

I believe that Rose Publishing provides a good structure for recounting the greatest story of love, peace, joy, and hope while highlighting the prophesy in the Old Testament and revealing the fulfillment in the New Testament. This is a great read for teens and Adults. I would definitely recommend this pamphlet for small study groups and parents to teach their children about the true meaning of Christmas.

Product Review: Basic Church History Timeline

I love the idea of reviewing the Universal Church’s history in a chronological order. At times it can be cumbersome when studying the Scriptures to understand which events are parallel to one another. A timeline is a valuable resource by showing how different event coincide.

The Basic Church History has a diagonal time line starting with “The Life of Jesus and the Early Church” and extends to this millennium. There is a ledger of symbols to identify Bible Development, Key People, Key Events, and Church Council. Due to the numerous events from 1 AD to our current millennium, I can understand the challenge in finding a suitable format that allows for highlighting significant historical people and events visibly.

One of the biggest problems that I experienced as I examined the timeline is the diagonal format. Some of the events overlap time periods which is evidently the reason for the diagonal format. The font is small; therefore, it requires some manipulation to zoom in on specific detail when viewing in a .PDF format. When printed the timeline can also be a bit difficult to view due to the small font size.

I am hoping that this timeline will be revised. This timeline can be a good resource if you are aware of the era that you are researching. I believe as a pamphlet this timeline do not really work effectively. It may be better to use a chronological Old/New Testaments Stages with the associate events and people in a vertical format. An index would be helpful in quickly identifying when key events and people within their respected timeframes. Additionally, identifying scriptural references when applicable would be a bonus and the font size needs to be increased.

Product Review: Answer to Evolution

Our teens are faced with peer pressure and ideologies that conflict with what they learn in school. It is critical that we provide them with biblical foundations that will keep them rooted in their faith and respond to the various dogmas that they are inundated with continuously. As I endeavored to identify biblical resources for our teens at our church, I had the opportunity to review “Answers to Evolution” issued by Rose Publishing.

This pamphlet provides sixteen questions about evolution and the origins of life. Both scientific and scriptural perspectives are examined. Specifically, it addresses the numerous scientific theories highlighting the erroneous points that conflict with the Bible. It offers additional resources for a more in-depth study on the topics. This is definitely a conversation starter that will aid in discussion of sciences versus God.

I believe that the pamphlet is balanced. It will aid teenagers who are navigating through science classes that are introduced to conflicting accounts on body development, evolution of life forms, and origins of life. It will give teenagers the opportunity to perform more research into these theories and the Scriptures. I am hopeful that Rose Publishing will produce a more in depth book to address these issues. I would recommend this pamphlet to Sunday School teachers or parents that have children questioning the accuracy of the Scriptures relating to creation.

Product Review: 30 Ways a Father can Bless His Children

John Trent, author of “30 Ways a Father Can Bless His Children,” addresses fatherhood principles using biblical viewpoints and personal experiences. Trent cleverly extracts biblical accounts of father-child relationships and provides a modern day perspective. Ultimately, the book addresses the active commitment that men need to possess to produce a healthy environment for their families. This book highlights how fathers can be instrumental in their child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual development by offering keen insight from the Scriptures.

Trent uses the acronym of BLESS (Be Committed, Loving Touch, Express Value, See Potential, Say It) to highlight the key components for fathers to express their love, to encourage, and show their children how much they cherish them. This book is ideal for men that did not have a father or father-figure in their lives and are now in the process of entering fatherhood themselves. Trent offers valuable insight to overcoming some of these challenges to fatherhood by offering practical and biblical advice on how to bolster communication and relationships with both sons and daughters.

Although, the book appears to be written primarily for men it would be beneficial to women to read it as well. This book can be used as a conversation started for couples that are planning to have children or who have children possessing the desire to ensure that they are addressing the critical needs of their children with a biblical influence.

Product Review: 100 Names of God Daily Devotional

Throughout the Bible, we learn different attributes about God revealing to us His power, ability, and nature. This insight is provided by numerous names, titles, and descriptions of God that convey God’s authority, desire, and love. Author, Christopher D. Hudson, has written a daily devotional entitled, “100 Names of God Daily Devotional” and published by Rose Publishing.

This daily devotional examines the etymology of the names used to refer to God. Each name reveals a different aspect of God aiding in the expansion of our limited knowledge and presenting an opportunity to learn more about our Creator. Hudson provides biblical references, explanations, and provide modern day examples making the names easy to understand. This devotional is designed better understanding of God which will promote spiritual growth.

After each name explanation, Hudson offers a small prayer for the reader to recite in appreciation for revelation of God’s attributes and request for wisdom. Another important feature to mention is the index. The index consists of the names of God in English format, names in the original language, key Scriptural references, and Strong’s numbers. The use of the Strong’s numbers allow readers to obtain a more complete definition of words using Strong’s Dictionaries.

This devotional can be an instrumental tool for the lives of Believers. Learning about God’s attributes allows us to utilize the names of God in our prayers. This is indispensable to our understanding of God and provides “Communication Bridge” that directly connects us to the very nature of God. I would recommend this devotional to all Believers desiring to know God. This a great personal devotional; however, could be adapted to a Bible or Sunday School Study.