Greenleaf: Season 2 Episode 2 – Strange Bedfellows

This episode is not as salacious as the previous episode. Nevertheless, there are some powerful topics addressed, strong zingers, and it helps support the framework for the season. Most of what is learned is this episode comes from conversations. It is not something that we necessarily witness at every turn.

Lady Mae has been providing Charity with support in caring for Baby Nathan who is suffering from a diaper rash that keeps him irritable and up most of the night. When Baby Nathan’s crying interferes with an intimate moment with his wife, Bishop asks the question, “Where is that baby’s father?” We learn that Kevin is now staying in a hotel and attending Fortify Family Meetings alone. At the church, Darlene give Kevin a belated Baby Shower gift and causally mentions Baby Nathan’s rash. Kevin is forced to pretend that he know about the baby’s condition and suppress his anger behind not being informed. He confronts Charity at the mansion regarding being informed about his son. What started as an intense conversation leads to a trip down memory lane and Charity asking Kevin to spend the night.

As Bishop and Lady Mae are reviewing church finances, they discuss the opposition from the Deacon Board and Bishop’s Round Table member, Betty Wilcox. They share the mindset that Carlton Pierce needs to go. Lady Mae delegates the task to Grace. Grace solicits Charity in hopes of saving Carlton’s job. When Charity’s pleas with her mother are dashed, Grace decides to contact Darius Nash, the news reporter who invited her out for a post scandal date. During the outing, Grace has a change of heart and offers the information off the record. When she learns that Lady Mae fired Carlton, she pays Carlton a visit to extend the olive branch encouraging Carlton to continue attending Calvary.

Henry McCready (a.k.a. Seedy McCready) is dying and Robert has texted Lady Mae several times to tell her. Bishop Greenleaf visits Henry and prays for him. Bishop attempted to find out about Daryl James’ offspring from the expiring Henry when Robert enters the room. Robert attempts to have a conversation with Bishop. Bishop informs Robert that he knows that he will need to forgive him one day until then he will leave him with his father until you have to deal with our Father. Robert has a tender moment with his father who has expressed that he is not ready to die.

Sophia tells Zora about her crush on Isaiah Hambrick. Zora suggest that Sophia attends one of his rehearsals. While Sophia contemplate whether she should let Isaiah know that she is interested, Isaiah invites her to his rehearsal at Triumph. Both Zora and Sophia attend. After he completes his rehearsal he greet them both but show that he is definitely attracted to Zora. Zora enjoys the attention until she sees Sophia’s face the attempts to keep Sophia in Isaiah’s line of vision.

Jacob confides in his wife as he is dressing. He has decided that he will speak with Pastor Skanks about Skanks blindsided everyone with the news that Jacob will pastor Triumph II. Jacob asks Pastor Skanks for some warning before making such a big announcement. Pastor Skanks indicates that he would have had he known and suggested that Jacob does not bite the hand the feeds him. He gives Jacob an assignment to go door-to-door in the South Winds (composed of mostly Calvary congregants) and promote Triumph II. Jacob meet a faithful Calvary congregant who he attempt to promote Triumph II and offer a tote bag and mug. The woman responded, “I don’t care if it came from the winding clothe that they wrapped my Lord in when He died. I am dedicated to Calvary.” Meanwhile, Kerrisa meets with Tasha Skanks to survey the parsonage. Kerrisa face expressed displeasure as Tasha tries to promote the finer points of the property.

Lady Mae has pleaded with her husband to speak to Jacob and tell him about Basie Skanks’ true identity. Bishop agreed to do so but when Lady Mae ask again he decides to have a frank discussion with his wife about the matter. Two of the best quotes from this scene come from Bishop Greenleaf. “May I be frank with you Mae? Ever since Gigi started preaching, you force that boy into my field of vision out of nothing, but I believe but jealousy for your own daughter. Ascribing him a call and a variety of talents that he never showed any evidence of having.” “He seems to have drunk the Kool-Aid you brewed and between the two of you I am about to lose my mind.”

After the discussion, Bishop does make the attempt to tell Jacob. Jacob expresses his contempt for his father’s conspiracy theories, refuses to listen, and rebuffs his father. Jacob told his father, “Basie, may not be perfect. He may be Boo Boo the Fool, but at least he is not a false prophet.” Jacob retires to his bedroom where Kerissa is waiting in the bed. He unburdened himself to her about wanting to be accepted by his father. This episode ends with Jacob, Kerrisa, and the children leaving the mansion.

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