Greenleaf: Season 2 Episode 1 – A House Divided

This was a great season premiere. This episode cleverly reveals varying levels of complexity for each character. We begin to learn the source of long-standing resentments. We bear witness to the aftermath of every explosive revelations. Our suspicions are confirmed as more secrets are unraveled. Each member of the Greenleaf family is forced to process hard truths and alliances are truly tested.

The numerous scandalous events has severely impacted Calvary indicated by drop in attendance, lack of growth, and decrease in pledges. The measures implemented to stop the church from hemorrhaging have not proven to be fruitful. Lady Mae blames Grace and Grace blames the multiple scandalous events. As Grace speaks with Deacon Sykes to pinpointing a viable solution to stop the church from hemorrhaging, the task becomes combatting the negative and opposing mindset of parishioners.

The stress of it all is taking its toll. Charity has loss one of the twins and is induced to keep her and her unborn child safe. Bishop Greenleaf’s symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are becoming more prevalent. Grace has grown intolerant of unrealistic expectations place upon her with no regard to her personal sacrifices. Tensions build between Jacob and Bishop Greenleaf resulting in Jacob losing respect for his father. Kevin desperately seeks a magic bullet for his same-sex attraction in hopes of saving his marriage with Charity.

After losing the Beale Street Blues Bar, Mavis is spiraling out of control. She has regressed into a depressed, pill-popping alcoholic. Her involvement with Alonzo Ashbury, who is significantly younger than Mavis is a pill popper wannabe legendary blues guitarist, further complicates matters. When Mavis’s role as Alonzo’s business manager and lover collide mixed with alcohol is the perfect recipe of toxicity. Her pipe dreams of Alonzo being discovered with Mavis at his side as they travel the world together are burst when Alonzo decides to heed Bishop Greenleaf’s advice. Robert strongly desires the connection to family and community. When it is not willingly given, Robert resorts to strong armed tactics.

Jacob acts a emcee or worship leader for Triumph’s grand breaking service. Deputy Mayor Arnold Lenard and the Greenleaf family with the exception of Lady Mae were amongst the attendees. Jacob’s charismatic, enthusiastic, and almost pastoral stage presence gets the attention of all especially First Lady of Triumph, Tasha Skanks. Tasha who remarks about Jacob’s presence captures the attention of Kerissa setting next to her. After introducing Pastor Skanks, Pastor Skanks sings Jacob’s praise then announces him as the pastor over Triumph II. The news stunned each Greenleaf family member including Jacob and Kerissa. It is evident that these turn of events have pitted Jacob and Bishop Greenleaf against one another. At Charity’s baby shower, Jacob attempts to converse with his father, but Bishop intentionally ignore his son.

Mavis crashes Charity’s baby shower and gives an exposé of family secrets in a drunken outburst. She suggest a romantic involvement with Bishop Greenleaf. She accuses Bishop Greenleaf of having ulterior motives for sending Alonzo Ashbury away. She gives us insight to the abuse she suffered as a child. She was forced to live in shed while Lady Mae receive gifts, clothing, and trips to Nashville with their father. She exposes Lady Mae for habitually turning a blind eye to abusive conditions and accuses Lady Mae of failing to intervene on Faith’s behalf. Unbeknown to Mavis, Lady Mae was being molested by their father. Mavis leaves the Greenleaf mansion in a drunken rage seeking to locate Alonzo and talk sense into him.

Finally, Bishop Greenleaf’s return to the pulpit is well received by congregants and as he raises his hand to greet well-wishers his hand is shaking. After services, Bishop is in his office when the double doors open. Through a brilliant ray of light emerges Pastor Skanks who has come to deliver a portentous message to Bishop Greenleaf personally. Bishop Greenleaf demands to know why Pastor Skanks seeks his demise. Pastor Skanks reveals that he is the son of Daryl James.

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