Product Review: Rose Guide to Discipleship

Product Review: Rose Guide to Discipleship

The Rose Guide to Discipleship offers a clear and narrow direction on building upon one’s life as a Christian. It present an honest representation of how to pursue God and living as a one of His followers. Within the 286 pages (not including the appendix), author Lee Woods touches upon 30 topics ranging from faith to spiritual disciplines. This resource does provide guidance by introducing thought-provoking questions and encouraging the examination of Scriptures.

Woods does not try to sugar-coat the challenges that one might experience as a disciple; however, he highlights the encouraging passages found in the Bible. He also addresses legalism and why being a part of a church community is vital to a Believer. This is a good read and can be implemented as one-on-one or group study. It would definitely be beneficial for those who may need a refresher. It provides practical instruction on how to build a personal and corporate relationship with God and the Body of Christ.

I have performed a lot of reviews relating to discipleship. I would have to say that I believed I have identified a new favorite. It provides the building blocks for growth as a disciple. I would highly recommend this any teachers seeking to educate people in discipleship.

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