Greenleaf: S1 E6 – “Good Morning, Calvary!” Synopsis

Grace started a support group for victims of sexual abuse called Sisters of Tamar.  One group participant, Stacy, shares her testimony but Grace will soon learn that Stacy is still in a cycle of abuse with her husband.  Grace attempts to help Stacy and her two daughters by identifying available shelter and encouraging Stacy.  Stacy unwilling to allow her daughters to grow up without their father returns to her husband. 

Bishop Greenleaf has a standing preaching engagement in Birmingham.  With Jacob under disciplinary action, Bishop Greenleaf asks Grace to preach.  Lady Mae and Grace agree on two things: Bishop should reinstate Jacob and Grace should not preach.  Despite their objections, Bishop Greenleaf puts his foot down and assigns Grace the task. Lady Mae believes her husband is punishing her for Faith’s death.  Lady Mae offers Grace her support warning Grace to utilize the pulpit for institutional purposes and not a forum to attack the family.  Grace questions whether Lady Mae loves her or not.  As Bishop Greenleaf ponders Grace’s objection to preaching he decides to reach out to Mavis to learn about Grace’s true intentions for her return.  

Meanwhile, Jacob is desperate to be reinstated and regain favor in his father’s eyes.  Jacob has been cultivating a relationship with Greg, Head of Voice of Life in Birdsong who he met at Dion’s Bachelor’s Party, through fantasy football.  Jacob invites Greg and is wife over for dinner at the Greenleaf Mansion.  During dinner, Greg alludes to the fact that he and his wife are swingers interested in swinging with Jacob and Kerissa.  When Kerissa doesn’t reject Greg’s indecent proposal, Jacob gets in touch with his true feelings for Kerissa and their marriage.  

Charity’s constant complaining about Nigel leads Kevin to give Charity a flippant response suggesting that Charity fires Nigel and hire a new choir director.  Later, when Charity and Nigel have a dispute over a soloist Nigel threatens to accept an offer from Pastor Basie Skanks at Triumph Church.  To Nigel’s chagrin, Charity tells Nigel to accept the offer and begins looking for a candidate to fulfill the position.  Charity identifies her perfect match in Carlton C. Cruise, an openly gay choir director.  Kevin disagrees with her choice because if forces him to deal with his own sexuality.  

Grace struggles to develop a sermon. Pastor Thomas Sneed offers Grace encouragement informing her that the Holy Spirit will move but usually does so in the eleventh hour.  Zora tells Grace about the website that her father utilizes offering sermons for fifty dollars.   Desperate Grace utilizes the site and prints the sermon.  However, when she ascends the pulpit the Holy Spirit moves through her and she preaches off the cuff.

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