Greenleaf: Season 1 Episode 5 Meaningful Survival Synposis

Greenleaf: Season 1 Episode 5 Meaningful Survival Synposis

In their marriage counseling session, Kerissa and Jacob argue about Jacob participating in a Las Vegas Bachelor Party for his best friend.  Jacob offers to end his affair with Alexa if Kerissa willing allows him to go.  She reluctantly agrees and is outraged when a text message met for Alexa is sent to her revealing Jacob was lying.  Feeling the burden of her failing marriage, Kerissa pressures Zora and the Excellence Academy staff to improve their performance.  Kerissa encourages Zora not to be an underachiever like her father. Isabel feeling the stress cheats to improve her students score on a state standard pre-test.

Charity and Kevin go to their first doctor’s appointment and learn they are having twins.  During family dinner that attempt to make the announcement when Kerissa interrupts with a loud outburst information the entire family of Jacob’s infidelities.  The awkwardness deflates the sails out of Kevin’s baby announcement. After learning of Jacob’s affair, Bishop Greenleaf fires Alexa and sets Jacob down for 90 days.  Instead of accepting responsibility for his own actions, Jacob protested that his father was only sitting him down because of Grace.  Jacob uses this information to connect with Kerissa who sees Grace as a threat to Jacob’s ascendancy as the next leader.  With Jacob sat down Bishop Greenleaf asks Grace to take on additional responsibility.  Grace agrees to handle administration duties but indicates that she is not willing to preach.

Grace learns that old recordings of Faith teaching to youth have been beneficial to Sophia getting acclimated. Her conversation with Sophia is preempted by a call from Darlene informing Grace that the Russel family is seeking prayer and counseling.  Upon Grace’s arrival to the hospital, Grace learns of Joshua’s struggles and his father’s disillusionment with Bishop Greenleaf.  Grace reports Joshua’s condition to her father leading them to engage in a tag team ministry the following day.  When Grace and Bishop Greenleaf return to the hospital they learn that Joshua has to have another surgery.  Bishop Greenleaf eager to pray with the family is stopped by Grace and cautioned to pray that God’s will be done.  Bishop offers a five-word prayer then they depart.  Grace receives a package from the Russel family that contained Joshua’s action figure indicating that he had passed.

After their tag team ministry, Grace asks about her father why he did not believe her when she told him about Robert sexually molesting Faith twenty years ago.  He indicated that he did believe her but when Faith was confronted she denied it.  He expressed his regret for not having the police investigate this matter.  He believed that Faith would have been happier, Grace would have continued pastoring, the church would be better, and the family would be as well.

Connie Sykes walked out of the “Back to Blue” service, resigned as Deacon Chairperson, and left the church. When both Bishop Greenleaf and Connie Sykes refuse to humble themselves, Lady Mae resorts to jeopardizing the purchase of Bishop Greenleaf’s replacement jet.  Bishop Greenleaf and Robert speak to a salesman about buying a repossessed jet that belonged to Damon Kenchlow.  A jet that they had traveled on to visit Kevin Copeland. Receiving a remarkable deal on the jet, the Bishop takes over the payment.  Realizing that he may lose the jet, Bishop Greenleaf humbles himself and visits Connie.  Connie agrees to return under the condition that a gold plaque is erected stating, “Kenny Collins, 1999-2016, Unforgettable.” Bishop Greenleaf agrees.

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