Product Review: 50 Christian Symbols & Their Meanings

Product Review:	50 Christian Symbols & Their Meanings

The idea of creating a visual designs to represent concepts, ideologies, organizations, or something abstract is centuries old.  We are dependent upon symbols to convey warning, authenticity, emotions, affiliations, and organizations.

Jessica Curiel, author of “50 Christian Symbols & Their Meanings”, explores popular and commonly known Christian symbols providing their meaning and history.  According to Curiel, Christian symbols are used do denote people as Believers or Followers of Christ, aid in Worship, and act a reminders to biblical truths. Christian Symbols are not limited to objects, but include Christograms (monograms denoting Christ) or Christian and Biblical imagery.

As with the symbols that we use in social media and texting, some of them have multiple meanings based upon time period and culture.  For example, in the Bible the rainbow represents God’s covenant not to send a worldwide flood again.  However, the rainbow has been adopted by different demographics to denote proponents of diversity.  In times of persecution, the Christian Fish was used by Christian to discreetly identify other Believers.  A Believer would draw half of the Christian Fish in the dirt if the other person knew the symbol they would complete the drawing.

This publications does not provide an exhausted list of Christian symbols but highlights the most properly ones.  This pamphlet is ideal to teach new Believers about Christian Symbolism.  I would like to see more on this topic. I would recommend it for small group or Sunday School.

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