Product Review: Your New Name in Christ – 50 Names for Believers

Product Review: 	Your New Name in Christ – 50 Names for Believers

Co-authors, David Laity and Len Woods, have written a pamphlet entitled, “You New Name in Christ”.   This appears to be an appendage to the pamphlet entitled, “Who am I in Christ”.  There are thirteen pages of content exploring the names attribute to Believers.  For each name there is a Scriptural Reference, meaning, insight, and additional supporting passages.

This publication can initiate transformation of our minds concerning how we view ourselves and how God views us. Regardless to what others may have said or how one views themselves, now there is comforting notation about our true identity in Christ.  Imagine what dormant talents, gifts, and skills we might discover based upon uncovering our true identifies.

There is some history provided on some of the most common names applied to Believers.  The word “Christian” is only used three times in the Bible and was initially used in a scornful manner towards Believers.  This publication also includes “Discussion Questions” challenging readers to examine the names in depth by looking through the lens of how God sees his children.  Although this pamphlet is introductory in nature, it is ideal to have for personal, small group, Bible Study, or Sunday School.

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