Product Review: Basic Church History Timeline

Product Review: Basic Church History Timeline

I love the idea of reviewing the Universal Church’s history in a chronological order. At times it can be cumbersome when studying the Scriptures to understand which events are parallel to one another. A timeline is a valuable resource by showing how different event coincide.

The Basic Church History has a diagonal time line starting with “The Life of Jesus and the Early Church” and extends to this millennium. There is a ledger of symbols to identify Bible Development, Key People, Key Events, and Church Council. Due to the numerous events from 1 AD to our current millennium, I can understand the challenge in finding a suitable format that allows for highlighting significant historical people and events visibly.

One of the biggest problems that I experienced as I examined the timeline is the diagonal format. Some of the events overlap time periods which is evidently the reason for the diagonal format. The font is small; therefore, it requires some manipulation to zoom in on specific detail when viewing in a .PDF format. When printed the timeline can also be a bit difficult to view due to the small font size.

I am hoping that this timeline will be revised. This timeline can be a good resource if you are aware of the era that you are researching. I believe as a pamphlet this timeline do not really work effectively. It may be better to use a chronological Old/New Testaments Stages with the associate events and people in a vertical format. An index would be helpful in quickly identifying when key events and people within their respected timeframes. Additionally, identifying scriptural references when applicable would be a bonus and the font size needs to be increased.

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