Product Review: 30 Ways a Father can Bless His Children

Product Review: 30 Ways a Father can Bless His Children

John Trent, author of “30 Ways a Father Can Bless His Children,” addresses fatherhood principles using biblical viewpoints and personal experiences. Trent cleverly extracts biblical accounts of father-child relationships and provides a modern day perspective. Ultimately, the book addresses the active commitment that men need to possess to produce a healthy environment for their families. This book highlights how fathers can be instrumental in their child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual development by offering keen insight from the Scriptures.

Trent uses the acronym of BLESS (Be Committed, Loving Touch, Express Value, See Potential, Say It) to highlight the key components for fathers to express their love, to encourage, and show their children how much they cherish them. This book is ideal for men that did not have a father or father-figure in their lives and are now in the process of entering fatherhood themselves. Trent offers valuable insight to overcoming some of these challenges to fatherhood by offering practical and biblical advice on how to bolster communication and relationships with both sons and daughters.

Although, the book appears to be written primarily for men it would be beneficial to women to read it as well. This book can be used as a conversation started for couples that are planning to have children or who have children possessing the desire to ensure that they are addressing the critical needs of their children with a biblical influence.

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