Product Review: 100 Names of God Daily Devotional

Product Review: 100 Names of God Daily Devotional

Throughout the Bible, we learn different attributes about God revealing to us His power, ability, and nature. This insight is provided by numerous names, titles, and descriptions of God that convey God’s authority, desire, and love. Author, Christopher D. Hudson, has written a daily devotional entitled, “100 Names of God Daily Devotional” and published by Rose Publishing.

This daily devotional examines the etymology of the names used to refer to God. Each name reveals a different aspect of God aiding in the expansion of our limited knowledge and presenting an opportunity to learn more about our Creator. Hudson provides biblical references, explanations, and provide modern day examples making the names easy to understand. This devotional is designed better understanding of God which will promote spiritual growth.

After each name explanation, Hudson offers a small prayer for the reader to recite in appreciation for revelation of God’s attributes and request for wisdom. Another important feature to mention is the index. The index consists of the names of God in English format, names in the original language, key Scriptural references, and Strong’s numbers. The use of the Strong’s numbers allow readers to obtain a more complete definition of words using Strong’s Dictionaries.

This devotional can be an instrumental tool for the lives of Believers. Learning about God’s attributes allows us to utilize the names of God in our prayers. This is indispensable to our understanding of God and provides “Communication Bridge” that directly connects us to the very nature of God. I would recommend this devotional to all Believers desiring to know God. This a great personal devotional; however, could be adapted to a Bible or Sunday School Study.

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