Product Review: The Book of James – The Test of Faith

Rose Publishing has produced a pamphlet entitled, “The Book of James – The Test of Faith.” How do we know if we are growing spiritually? Is there a way for us to measure our faith? If so, then how do we identify where we are strong and areas that need strengthen? We can identify the answers for these questions by examining the Book of James. This pamphlet highlights five key themes: standing against temptation, wealth and poverty, taming of our tongues, patiently praying, and faith in action.

This is not the average commentary. This pamphlet is provides a high level outlook on the Book of James. There is a very brief biography provided on the writer of the Book of James, James. The pamphlet contains an outline for Book of James by theme. It is well written and provides analogies from modern day experiences making it relatable for easy comprehension. It would prove most beneficial as a tool to aid in a personal study of the Book of James. Although fundamentally sound, the themes could be expound upon. Although only 17 pages in length with only 13 pages of actual content, this pamphlet offers nuggets of wisdom that will catapult your faith to the next level. I would recommended this pamphlet for a high-level review of the Book of James.

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