Product Review: How We Got the Bible Video Study Series

Product Review: How We Got the Bible Video Study Series

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, addresses the concerns that many have concerning the authenticity of the Bible within six session video series. There are numerous translations and many different reports on how the books of the Bible were organized and the responsible parties for this collection of books known as our Bible. Many question whether the events recorded in the Bible are fictional. Is it possible that over hundreds of years that the accuracy of the Holy Scriptures be preserved? Another area of concern for many including scholars relates to the writers who wrote the Scriptures years after the events occurred.

How can we be assured that the Bible we read today is the accurate and infallible word of God? Dr. Jones thoroughly explains how the Bible was meticulously translated and verified through the testimonies of eyewitness accounts. He describes a culture of memorization with people who were diligent and dedicated to learning and maintaining biblical truths. Although events were record years after they occurred, the eyewitnesses were still living to verify and affirm the accuracy of the events. Dr. Jones provides prime examples of writers of the Scriptures verifying facts with eyewitnesses and encouraging readers of the Scriptures to verify the accuracy with these witnesses.

I found the teachings on this topic persuasive and answers questions that many Christian have relating to trusting the authenticity of the Bible. Dr. Jones makes the study relevant to our modern day practices and experiences and expounds upon the culture and age that the Scriptures were written. His presentation is enthusiastic and is not monotone. This series contains an animation video would be great for children as it provides a comprehensible lesson on the origins of the Bible in a relatable fashion. The animation video is fun while being educational. I would definitely recommend this series for all Christians. This is a great series especially for Bible Study, Sunday School, and/or New Members Classes.

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