Product Review: Understand Baptism – Believer’s Baptism

Product Review: Understand Baptism – Believer’s Baptism

The Believer’s Baptism pamphlet issued by Rose Publishing is an invaluable resource for New Believers who desire to make a public proclamation of their faith in Jesus Christ. The Believer’s Baptism is an important sacrament to all Believers and symbolizes our new identify with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection thus unifies us with the Body of Christ. In addition, it provides guidelines for those considering rededicating their lives to Christ and some of the circumstances in which people may consider

New Believers can expect to receive an overview of the history to this special sacrament, general information on what to expect during the sacrament, and answers to frequently asked questions. Not only will this prove instrumental to educating on the sacrament, but it with provide a synopsis on the Apostle’s Creed that summarizes the teachings of the apostles passed on to Believers. The pamphlet covers most concern and is a good conversation starter for addressing additional concerns. It is well written in a non-denomination yet biblical sound fashion allowing room for leaders to add emphasis on any unique elements that are specific to their beliefs or local assembly. I would encourage New Membership Class Leaders to utilize this pamphlet as a tool to educate New Believers or those considering being baptized again.

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